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Email Marketing



Techno Deviser brings opportunity to reach your prospective clients by E-mail Marketing. It has been very proven strategy to increase traffic to a website or establishing a brand in market. In digital marketing mix, E-mail marketing is very influential in representing your products and services to prospective and current customer base. As we are expert in IT services, based in Panchkula, India, we have many clients who has benefitted from E-mail Marketing. 5-10 % revenue can be generated by only sending e-mails to customers.

There are so basics and expert tactics to do this, as how, we at Techno Deviser, make it easy to inline your promotional message with your transactional emails to customers. This does looks simple to create such campaigns, but as E-mail Marketing has gained access and popularity in past decades, now there are so many automatic spam removing filters, which does not let all e-mails to be delivered at customer’s inbox. So, here starts our work as we are specialised in developing effective communication, we make it sure to reach your content till end user by passing all possible active spam filters. We use paid secure software to deliver e-mails to customers’ inbox with radiating speed.

In this tough world of competition, only sending e-newsletter is not enough, your business needs sending e-mails which are effective, attractive and useful. We work with all type of emails, to exemplify product promotions, management, offers, events etc

Our Expert team of E-mail Marketing is very well versed with updated software which is used for E-mail broadcasting. We work with Mailchimp, which offers, different type of campaigns to run for a particular website services, e-mails campaigns generated for specific landing pages, digital ads, postcards and automations.

Our E-mails designs includes, promotional creative, meaningful texts, eye-catching tag lines and behaviourally genuine and authentic. 

Following are some of our Email Marketing Services:

  1. Content Strategy for E-mail Campaign: We believe in developing customised and unique strategy for each and every client that hire us. We, at Techno Deviser, make it sure to deliver right content to right customer so that only prospective audience be targeted through our e-mail marketing campaigns.
  2. List building as per Segments: As we use Mailchimp, we assure that your all of your leads whether, fresh or mature, may get complete exposure of your products and services, so we use list building for different type of categories. We emphasize on sending occasional e-mails with attractive graphic design, trendy topics and customers customised needs.
  3. Periodic e-mailers: We believe in being remembered by customers whenever they are in need of service we sell, so the policy we apply for our clients, and for that we send Periodic e-mails to for our clients as newsletter with updated information of products, services and offers.


Techno Deviser is well known name in field of IT services in Chandigarh, if you hire us, our professional team of e-mail marketing will help you to let your voice reach to your native or remote customer.


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Address: Techknow Deviser Professional Pvt. Ltd E-287 4th Floor, Sector 75, Industrial Area Phase 8-A, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055, India