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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Techno Deviser, based in Panchkula, offers Social Media Marketing Services under umbrella of IT services. We offer best service of managing and marketing your Social Media channels which is exceptional in Industry and cost-effective. Our team is equipped with all skills and expertise which are required for best in class Social Media Marketing. We stand proudly as prestigious SMM agency in Chandigarh, India as our services speak themselves. 

‘Technology is not what we use, it is what we live’ this statement is very true in relevance of Social Media now a days. More than half of world’s population use one or another social media platform to interact with each other. As most of time of internet hours is spent on Social Media, so why not your product or service to be marketed or promoted where your customer live virtually? And hence, there is so much competition in Social Media Marketing, Every website or business is trying to mark their presence by social media tools, management and paid services. In this tough competition, a website needs a rigorous plan and strategy to stand out as different and extraordinary service provider of a product or service. We are specialised in:

Our Social Media Marketing Services include:

  1. Facebook page integration, Management, Optimization and Marketing: Techno Deviser is best platform to showcase your product or service by your Facebook Page management to Facebook Sponsored ads which are in fashion nowadays, even a novice digital marketer claims to run Facebook ads, yet, expertise is the key to run successful Facebook Ads Campaigns. Techno Deviser emphasizes to create Campaigns and ad sets which are true to their value and bring return on investment.
  2. Twitter account integration, Management, Optimization and Marketing:
    Twitter offers to promote text, Hash tag, photo, video, Animated GIF, Emoji and any link related to product or service of website. It is challenge to create effective ads as there are diverse options to choose from mobile app install card, pre roll, awareness, tweet engagements, website clicks, followers or app installs. Techno Deviser makes it possible to analyse objective, choosing right audience, and bidding according to budget and then selecting appropriate creative.
  3. YouTube video production and Optimization and Marketing: Youtube Creator Studio in collaboration with Google Ad Words offers video ads to be played across YouTube. Techno Deviser knows best solutions for your video ads needs as we are expert in running all kind of YouTube ads – for example : Video discovery YouTube ads, In-Stream Ads, skippable in-stream ad, Preroll Ads, non-skippable, play before, mid-roll, or after the main video. Selection of right type of channel to be advertised on YouTube is required for successful ROI.
  4. Blog Creations, Development and Management: At Techno Deviser, we care for your brand, so we make it sure to manage your branding and reputation. We are expert in blog creation, blog and article writing, blog development and management. Our team of content writers is aware of current trends in writing SEO optimised articles and our Social Media experts make blog and articles viral by various techniques.


If you hire us, you will just need to sit relax on chair, as our Social Media marketing expert team will progress the venture. Our plans, strategies and insights are full of knowledge and experience.


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Address: Techknow Deviser Professional Pvt. Ltd E-287 4th Floor, Sector 75, Industrial Area Phase 8-A, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055, India